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Just some Cocoberry
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Beautifully Broken: Chapter 2


A/N: I'm so so so sorry it took so long at some point I had lost my inspiration then I got it back and lost it again but enough excuses here's the long over due update enjoy.

She felt like she hasn't moved for weeks. She's laying in a pool of her own blood but the ironic thing about it he, Aiden comes down here every morning before he leaves for work to see if she's still alive. Today he didn't come down there but she heard the lock being opened. To say Shelby felt like shit was an understatement she felt ten times worst. Shelby slowly tried to get up and instantly regretted it as she fell back on the ground.

'How the fuck am I going to get up stairs?' Shelby thought

After a few minutes of contemplating she decided that her best option was to crawl up fifteen steps.

Jesse hasn't seen his coach in a week a whole fucking week. There are so many thoughts running through Jesse's mind. He can't think straight.

'Jesse calm down. Just go to her house after this class and make sure she's alright.' He thought to himself

The class seem to drag for Jesse. It he wanted to get out of here he needed a different escape plan. His hand shot up.

"Yes Mr. St. James." the teacher answered

'Time to put on a show.' Jesse thought

"Mrs. Rockwell. Can I please go to the nurse." Jesse moaned out as if he were in pain

She being concerned with the health of a student went over to her desk and wrote Jesse a pass and said, "Here go ahead. Do you need someone to help you?"

He took the pass, slowly got out of the desk and replied, "No. I think I can make it by myself." Then he left out the class room.

Mrs. Rockwell watched until Jesse was out of her sight and heading in the right direction before she went back into her classroom.

After he turned the corner he started sprinting towards the nearest exited and to his car.

The drive to Shelby's house which normally takes thirty minutes and with Jesse who was driving at least 80 mph seemed much longer. When he finally got to Shelby's house he got a eerie feeling.

Getting up the fifteen steps was pure torture for Shelby.'fucking finally. I made it.' Shelby thoughtShelby crawled through the kitchen and to the next set of steps. During Shelby's crawl she smeared a trail of blood and tears across the hardwood.

She reached the second set of stairs which contained ten steps.

Shelby let out a cry of frustration and crawled up the next ten steps… After making of the stairs Shelby crawled to their…her room and to the en suite bathroom, as she ran her some bath water her head started spinning so reached over to the water off then her world went black once again.

Jesse parked his car in front of Shelby's neighbor's house not knowing if Aiden would spontaneously show up while he was here. Jesse has a bad feeling suddenly overcome him as he approaches Shelby's front door. He looked under the rock that's hidden behind the shrub to retrieve the spare key. Jesse slowly walked back to the door and prepared himself for what he was about to see, he inserted the key into the lock and slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

'Nothing seems out of the ordinary.' Jesse thought

As he walked further into her house it seemed as if nothing happened the living room was virtually spotless, until he saw red spots that were trailed from the kitchen.

'Red spots…blood.' Jesse thought and his face went pale.

He followed the trail up the stairs and into Shelby's room. The blood trail stopped in front of a door. Jesse not sure what to do or what to think did the first thing anybody would do… he knocked on the door.

'No answer. I better take a look inside.' Jesse's conscience told him

Jesse took a deep breath to calm his nerves and slowly opened the door.

A bathroom. Nothing looked out of place.

Jesse's eyes scanned the whole bathroom. He almost missed Shelby lying on the floor between the tub and the toilet.

'Nothing weird… no wait is that…'

"SHELBY!" Jesse yelled and ran over to her

Jesse was lightly shaking Shelby to get her to regain consciousness but she wasn't coming to. Jesse didn't know what to do should he call 911 or drive her to the hospital himself. So Jesse did what any normal panicky person would do…

"Hello I need an ambulance… 1528 Harwell Street… I don't know what's wrong with her I came home and my mother was passed out in the bathroom… is she still breathing, hold on" Jesse leaned down towards Shelby's mouth area to see if he could hear air flowing. "Yes she still breathing…Please just hurry I can't lose her she's all I have left." Jesse told the dispatcher as tears streamed down his beautiful face.

He sat down on the cold bathroom floor next to Shelby's unconscious body and grabbed her hand and started to talk to her.

'I have to say what I need to say incase this is my last chance.' Jesse thought then took a deep breath to calm his nerves

"Shelby, the past four years that I've known you have been truly wonderful, you helped me not only become a better performer but a better person and I've never really said thank you for it and please don't leave… don't d-di see I can't even say that word but please don't you've been so supportive of me than my own parents. I see as the mom I've always dreamed of but never really had until I met you. Please Shelby don't leave me, I don't know what I would do with out you." Jesse was holding back his sobs but his voice had cracked by the end of his speech and he had tears running down his face and onto his shirt.

The EMS got to Shelby's house ten minutes after Jesse got off the phone with the dispatcher. They came and put Shelby on a stretcher and asked him if he wanted to ride in the ambulance to the hospital which he accepted. The ride to the hospital was long and quiet except for the beep of the machine that kept the EMT aware of Shelby's vitals.

Once they arrived at the hospital a nurse pulled Jesse aside and asked him some questions.

"Sweetie, What's your relation ship to the patient?" The nurse asked

Jesse took a deep breath and replied, "I'm her son, Jesse."

"Alright. Do you know enough of your mother's information to fill out some forms for us?"

"I can fill out as much as I know, but she should be in the hospital's system since she was here for a major surgery a few years back." Jesse said

"Ok well fill out as much as you can and I'll get to looking through our database. What's your mother's name?" the nurse asked

"Shelby Corcoran." Jesse responded and the nurse wrote it down on a post it and handed him the papers

"I'll be right over there at the desk if you need anything or get done ok." The nurse stated

Jesse simply nodded and got to work filling out the forms.

How does Jesse know so much about his teacher well you see when Shelby had hysterectomy Jesse was there, he was the one who brought her to the hospital cause she was in so much pain.

20 minutes later and Jesse had filled in as much information about Shelby as he could and went to give the forms back to the nurse.

"Jesse, Do you know what happened to your mother?" the nurse asked

"No. I don't know." Jesse answered with tears welling up in his eyes

The nurse took Jesse into a secluded office so maybe he would open up and tell her what really happened.

"Jesse, sweetie I know your afraid but if you know who's hurting your mom its best if you tell us." She responded

"All I can say is when I saw her last she was fine and that was Friday I wasn't home for the weekend so I don't know what happened." Jesse replied then he broke down into sobs and continued speaking, "but this guy she's seeing Aiden he…he verbally and emotionally abuses her as far as physical abuse goes I don't really know about that except for the marks on her wrist and how she looks today." Jesse said

The nurse walked over to him and pulled him into a comforting hug an whisper soothing words to him and he calmed down slightly. Jesse pulled away from the nurse and asked, "Can I go see her now?"

"Yes but let me tell you this first she's still not awake, and she's in room 211." the nurse told him

Jesse whispered a thank you and made his way to Shelby's room. Once he got there he looked through the small window before walking in.

The room is quiet like the ambulance ride all except the beeping of the machine. Jesse grabbed Shelby's hand like he did in her bathroom.

"Shelby, I'm not sure if you can hear me but please wake up I need you. I'm nobody without you. Please just wake up but let me assure you that son of a bitch will never put his hands on you again as long as I'm around, I promise. I love you in the way that a son loves his mother." Jesse told her and then he kissed her hand and held it for a while.

Jesse sat in silence letting the beeping create a soothing lullaby that assured him Shelby would be ok until the machine let out an unearthly noise and doctors and nurses rushed into the room and pushed Jesse out.

Jesse heard various words but the ones that caught his attention was, "She's flat lining."

'Dear God I can't lose her please don't take her from me.' Jesse thought then he slide down the wall and to the floor and did something he's been doing all day since he got to the hospital he cried.

Ok there's the update again sorry it took so long and I'll try to get updating a little faster but I make no promises. Please review I want to know what you guys think.

Beautifully Broken: Chapter 1


Jesse heard her crying in the auditorium. She thought she was alone but he walked in and saw her in her usual seat with her head in her hands. As he moved closer he saw her shoulders shaking and she was trying to hold her sobs in but she couldn't and that broke his heart. After a few minutes of contemplating if he should let his presence be known and get told off by the emotional woman in the room also or if he should just walk away like everybody else in her life.

'fuck it it's not like I haven't had my ass handed to me by her anyways' Jesse thought

"Ms. Corcoran are you ok?"

'when did he come back?' Shelby thought

"I'm fine Jesse, did you need something" she replied

'typical Shelby behavior ignore the situation' he thought

"No you're not fine I walk in and find you in here crying your eyes out…"

Something on Shelby's wrist caught his attention

"what the hell happened to your wrist?" Jesse asked

'oh shit' she thought

Taking a deep breath she answered, "Jesse nothing happened. I had on a bracelet that was too tight?" she knew her answer sounded like a question but she just didn't care at the moment

He knows that she lying through her teeth, he knows her this Shelby is not the Shelby he truly knows. The Shelby Jesse knows is beautiful, strong-minded but this one right in front of him is beautifully broken, and weak.

He sits down next to her and response, " Shelby, I know you and I know you hardly ever wear bracelets and the only one I ever see you wearing is the one Vocal Adrenaline bought you for Christmas.

He doesn't tell her he knows that she's lying her ass off by answer his question with a question she knows that he knows

"If you didn't need anything get home Jesse it's getting late and your parents will be worried." Shelby said

Jesse knew she didn't want to talk about how she really got the bruises but sending him away and saying that his parents are worried was simply bull shit since his parents don't give a damn about him anyways but he'll respect her wishes and leave

"Shelby you know you can talk to me about anything." Jesse told her making sure she knew in case she wanted to talk

" Can we drop this subject please and why are you still here when I ended practice six hours earlier than normal?"

" I went to the college workshop they were having today." Jesse told her

"Oh" Shelby replied then her phone started ringing "hold on one sec…" she got her phone and looked at it and she went pale and she answered it "H-hello… I'm still at the school…I'm getting ready to leave one of my students needed to talk to me about an assignment… ok I'll see you soon." she hung up before with the person on the other end before they were finished talking "Jess, I'm sorry but I have to go I'll see you tomorrow." Shelby told him then gave a small smile and wave then she left

Jesse had this feeling he wouldn't be seeing Shelby tomorrow but he shook that feeling then went home his self

Shelby was very nervous on her drive home from work she could tell he was angry and most likely drinking. She didn't want to go home but she didn't have anywhere else to go. Shelby got to her house and prayed that he was passed out and not waiting for her to walk through the door. Shelby slowly turned the doorknob and open the door to be forcefully pulled into the house by him the door slammed behind them . He dragged her into the living room even as she struggled and tried to explain why she was home so late but he wasn't hearing none of it. He struck her across her face so hard her head turned to the opposite direction. Shelby felt the bruise forming on her cheek and the tears in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. They stood their for a second she was looking down at the floor then her roughly gripped her upper arm and shoved her to the ground. He reached down and grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her head up so she was looking at him then he crouched down so her was eye level with her


Shelby nearly threw up at the smell of all the liquor he consumed in the four hours he waited

"I stayed at the school to get some work done I swear." Shelby replied her voice was laced with fear

He heard the terror and fear in her voice but was that going to stop him from doing whatever the hell he was doing to her… nope

"So which one of your co-workers are you fucking with now?" he asked

Shelby didn't answer and she instantly regretted it when his unoccupied hand collided with the un-bruised side of her face.


Shelby nodded as the tears she tried to contain fell down her bruised cheeks

"Now which one of your co-workers are you fucking with?"

"N-none of th-them." Shelby answered through her tears

"Well why did you stay at work four hours after rehearsal when you could have came home!" he asked her


Before she realized what she had done he stood up pulling her with him and dragged her through the kitchen to the door she knew too well

"no no no not the basement I'm sorry I snapped please don't lock me down there." Shelby pleaded with him

"NO DON'T FUCKING BEG FOR ME NOT TO LOCK YOU DOWN THERE YOU SHOULD'VE THOUGHT BEFORE YOU SPOKE!" He yelled as he opened the door to the awful basement

He forcefully shoved her in there and Shelby lost her footing from the push and tumbled down the stairs and landed at the bottom on the cold concrete floor.

She heard the sickening noise when her head met the floor and she also heard him locking her in its dark and cold in the basement but she made no effort to move so she just laid there on the cool, hard floor till the darkness consumed her mind.

A/N: Please don't hate me it'll get better soon and I hated that I did this to Shelby (she's my favorite glee character to write) but I do encourage you to leave a review and tell me how I did, what you like/dislike, ect.

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Sneaking Around
Just a short one-shot based on a graphic.

Disclaimer: i don't own glee or the graphic

It’s quiet.

‘Where is she?’ He thought

As a few minutes passed it was like an angel had answered his thoughts as he heard the echo of her heels clicking against the tile floor of the hotel. She goes to check into the room she booked earlier that day.

He’s waiting for her by the elevator, watching her. She walked towards him and nodded towards the elevator. No words are spoken while they ride up the five stories. They know what’s going to happen once they get to the room, they been in this situation numerous time before. He followed her out the elevator and down the long hallway to the room they would be occupying. She stopped in front of the room he took notice of the number 530.

‘Typical Shelby, she booked a room with the same digits as her birthday.’ He thought

She opened the door and walked inside and he followed closely behind. She walked over to the bed and sat down. He could practically see the gears running in her mind as if she wanted to say something… then she said some words he thought he would never hear come from her mouth 

“After this time, no more understood.” She said in her I’m so serious tone

He nodded. He understood that they would be in deep shit if they ever got caught.

“I mean it Jess , which is why you’re staying here tonight and I’m driving home.” She told him as she handed him the keys

‘No. No don’t you dare let her walk away not now.’ He thought

“No I’m not going to let you leave not like this. I don’t want this to end.” Jesse said truthfully as he pulled her back down onto the bed

“Jesse… we can’t keep doing this. It’s wrong on so many levels.” Shelby told him as he was getting her to lay down on the bed
When he had her in the position her wanted her in he responded, “I know. That’s why I like it so much.” Then he proceeded to kiss her.

(no subject)
Prompt( Glee fluff meme): A conversation between Shelby and Quinn, possibly about giving their babies up or putting them up for adoption.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN IT!!!!!!!! I simply uses characters for my enjoyment and amusement.
A/N: This is AU cause Shelby didn’t adopt Beth but she did start her relationship with Rachel. Oh and this is set during the summer time so pre-season 2.

She saw her sitting on a  park bench, the once pregnant blonde from New Directions. She had her face in her hands and as Shelby moved closer to the blonde she heard the faint sobbing emitting  from the teen. Shelby knew first hand how hard it is to give up a baby whom you grow attached to during the nine months of a pregnancy but she was lucky enough to find her daughter she gave up fifteen years ago. Shelby not the best person to go to for emotional problems but she can’t stand to see people crying so…

“Are you ok sweetie?” Shelby asked the crying girl

Quinn looked up at the person who was speaking to her

“ Y…yes I’m fine.” Quinn said as she was hastily wiping the tears from her eyes and face

Shelby sits on the bench beside Quinn and replies, “No you’re not.”

Quinn looked up at the woman and said well she yelled, “WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME I’M NOT OK YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I’VE BEEN THOUGH THESE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

During her rant Quinn thought about who she was talking to… of course Shelby knew how she was feeling.

Shelby sat there and let the younger girl lash out her pent up emotions at her but it was better for Quinn to let out her emotions than keep them bottle up like she did for years.

“Ms. Corcoran I’m sorry I let my emotions get the best of me you do understand how I feel you’ve been in my position before and… I’m sorry.” Quinn said and a fresh set of tears fell from her eyes

Shelby’s heart was breaking at the sight in front of her indeed she did know exactly how Quinn was feeling not being much older than she was when she had Rachel. Shelby really didn’t know how to comfort the crying teen so she did what no one did for her she hugged the younger girl.

“No need to apologize it's better to let your feelings loose than bottle them inside trust me I should know.” Shelby told Quinn who simply nodded against the older woman’s shoulder

“Now I’m not going to be like everyone else and tell you everything’s going to be alright eventually it will be and your going to have times when you think about your daughter and wonder if you made the right decision everyday but in the end you realize you did what was best for your daughter.” Shelby said as tears were running down her face

“Ms. Corcoran, how did you cope with giving up Rachel?” Quinn asked in a soft voice

“Well honestly I don’t think I really coped with giving Rachel away. I didn’t have the love and support from family and friends like you do but that was because I shut everybody out, I didn’t even tell my own mother about Rachel till about three or so years ago.” Shelby told the teen

“How did she take it?” Quinn asked she was curious to know since her parents had dis owned her then her mother had a change of heart

“She wasn’t too happy with me since I was so young when I had Rachel but then she just sat me down and I told her everything and I cried in my mother’s arms.”

Quinn decided to let her curiosity get the best of her and she asked Shelby, “Why didn’t you have anymore kids after Rachel?”

Quinn felt Shelby tense up and then relax.

“Well I can’t exactly have anymore children, I found that out seven years after I had Rachel.” Shelby said sadly and more tears fell down her cheeks

Seeing the fresh tears running down Shelby’s face Quinn felt horrible not just for asking the question but for Shelby.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know that the topic of the question was a sensitive subject for you.” Quinn said sincerely

Wiping her eyes Shelby replied, “Its ok you didn’t know but when I found out it was really tough knowing I had a daughter that I would possibly never meet but I was a lucky one and now I’m getting to know and love my daughter.”

Quinn looked down at the ground and started wiping at her eyes as she felt the tears pooling in her eyes she was tired of crying but she just couldn’t stop.

Shelby noticed and said, “Quinn it’s ok to cry nobody’s judging you on the decision you made.”
Quinn thought about what Shelby told her today. Shelby didn’t even know the girl except from what Rachel has told her but she knows and can relate to every feeling Quinn is feeling and for that the younger girl is grateful for.

“Ms. Corcoran thank you for talking with me I mean so many people walked past me and didn’t stop but you did and I’m grateful and I was wondering that if I need someone to talk with about my baby with if I could come to you.” Quinn said

“Of course you can talk to me anytime.” Shelby said as she gave Quinn her phone number

Shelby’s phone starting ringing she looked at it and said, “I’m meeting Rachel for a late lunch, would you care to join us?”
Quinn hesitated a bit she didn’t know how much Rachel told her mom about her and responded, “Rachel and I aren’t really friends and besides I don’t want to intrude on bonding time.”

Shelby saw how Quinn hesitated.

“You wouldn’t be intruding besides Rachel has told me a lot about you.” Quinn tensed up and Shelby continued “but she likes you so you joining us won’t be a problem.”

“Ok if you insist.” Quinn said getting up from the bench and Shelby followed

“I insist.” Shelby said and gave Quinn a smile and with that they started walking toward the restaurant it wasn’t to far from the park to meet Rachel for lunch

Team Bonding
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